DPS Festival of Lights: Reigniting the fervor in the ‘City of Lights’

Karachi is slowly but surely having its share of lights back. Life is returning back to the metropolis and Karachiites are welcoming it with open arms. Dawood Public School organized a ‘Festival of Lights’ on the evenings of 27th & 28th January, 2017 at its premises to contribute towards making Karachi the ‘City of Lights’ again. The festival was sponsored by the Engro Foundation and also served as a fund raising carnival for Lady Dufferin Hospital, a Not-for-profit organization that is providing best possible medical care to women and children irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds.


Dawood Public School opened its gates for the masses for the DPS Festival of Lights and the crowds didn’t disappoint. Families showed up in astounding numbers on both evenings to witness a festival which was arguably the first of its kind in Pakistan. The whole vicinity of Dawood Public School transformed into a remarkable display of lights with every part of the school illuminated giving the visitors an impression as if they were in some part of wonderland.


Horse carriages and mini-train rides gave the guests a chance to explore the carnival in a more royal and classic manner. Of course both rides were also glitzed up to add to the experience of the visitors. Several other amusement rides and items were also at the festival to make sure the children at the event did not have single dull moment. These included, a pirate ship, a huge jumping castle and a Ferris wheel, just to name a few.


The ‘Olper’s Light Parade’ added to the spectacle with angel like DPS students dressed up as fairies with illuminated wings and wands giving heart warming performances as their amazing cavalcade proceeded through the festival. luminous dance performances with amazing props also added dazzle to the proceedings.


No visitor could complete the tour of the festival without witnessing the amazing fire performances on display by daredevil performers.


DPS students set up stalls with recreational games, books and face painting etc. to elevate the experience of those visiting the event. Food stalls were also setup to spice up the affair for the guests. The visitors also had a chance to contribute to another noble cause by visiting the Indus Hospital Blood Bank setup at the event and donating invaluable pints of blood.


Both evenings ended with spectacular display of fireworks that lit the Karachi sky with different colors and reminded us all of the zest that this city has always had but was somehow lost somewhere for some time. But efforts like the DPS Festival of Lights play an essential role in reigniting the fervor in the ‘City of Lights’.

Hammad A. Mateen


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